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A website can benefit from SEO by having its foundation strengthened and by making it more search engine friendly. This raises the website’s ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing, and makes it more visible to prospective clients.

The term on-page refers to the work with the actual site itself, such as title tags, descriptions, content, layout, and so on. We refer to Off-Page work as anything that doesn’t take place directly on a website, such as writing blogs, building links, social sharing, bookmarking, creating content, etc.

Definitely! This is a dynamic field. Results and rankings on search engines change over time. It is possible that today’s solution won’t work tomorrow. Updates and refinements to Google’s algorithm are continuous. The competition is also on the rise, so maintaining good SEO works is vital for your website’s relevancy. To maintain and improve their rankings, good websites use SEO constantly. Ranking for secondary and tertiary terms is just as important as securing rankings for key terms.

Although there is no guarantee of where one’s business will come up in search results, there are companies taking up top spots. In order to achieve great results, SEO work must be performed at the right pace and in the proper manner.

For businesses that provide nationwide services, ranking for only the keyword may be appropriate. In the case of local businesses, the keyword + geography is what would be targeted. For instance, a national chain of hair salons would want to rank for ‘hair salons’ while a local hair salon that serves just Los Angeles would want to rank for ‘hair salons Los Angeles.” The goal of local SEO is to generate business from residents in the local area.

Keywords with long tails are more specific and less common than keywords with short tails. They specialize in a narrow area. Rather than spreading themselves too thin, they specialize. From the book The Long Tail, Chris Anderson coined the phrase “long-tail keyword.”. The book “Variable Markets” by Chris Anderson shows that almost any product can be sold. The term long-tail keyword refers to a specific key phrase that is usually longer than more widely used phrases. In general, long-tail keywords get less search traffic, but are more likely to convert to customers because they are more specific.

Google My Business works like a directory of essential company information. It includes things such as name, address, phone number, hours of operation, maps, photos and videos, categories of businesses, payment methods, etc. Google gives prominence to these listings and they show up on Google SERP’s and Google maps, both on desktop and mobile. It is very important to have a fully completed and verified listing if you want higher rankings.

Google Maps can list a site that is verified by Google and the correct data is filled out on the Google My Business section. The addition of extras, such as videos and photos, and providing reviews for inclusion is beneficial for inclusion in Google search results in this area.

There seems to be a major update of Google’s algorithm every few months, but the company does not provide direct answers to this question. Many minor updates occur between the larger ones. Through tracking over 1 million key terms, companies such as WorkforceSEO and Savage SEO Pros are able to keep track of changes in a variety of industries. With this data, they can determine what campaigns are most effective, and make adjustments.

Offsite links are signals to search engines that point them toward the targeted website. In order for backlinks to be safe, many things need to be taken into consideration. In the past, link building was done in mass quantities and with black hat techniques. Companies like the ones mentioned previously take the time to ensure that backlinks are derived from sites that are relevant to your business. By focusing on backlinks, the client’s website will rank higher than sites whose content is primarily on-page.

Guest blogging is a valuable way to increase rankings. The blog owner often incorporates the guest blog’s content into his or her own blog if they like the content being written. As a result, backlinks can be provided to a client’s website.

You can’t achieve quality organic SEO overnight. It usually takes 3-4 months for a companies clients to begin seeing their rankings improve. For instance, WorkforceSEO has clients that rank on the first page of Google within 6-9 months of SEO work (when using their suggested keywords). The company is committed to providing their clients with complete transparency into all of their work.

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