Increase traffic to your site with 5 easy steps

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To increase traffic to a website can be a daunting task. Sometimes it’s easiest to make a website more successful by tweaking its attributes. Sometimes though, it’s often easiest to make a website more successful by tweaking its attributes. When your website is poorly designed, no matter how clever the content you write and how good the strategy you employ, your efforts will be hindered, and you will not succeed. In other words, Google emphasizes excellent website design and functionality more and more. When it comes to the sites it recommends, Google wants its visitors to have the best experience possible. This is because that will increase the likelihood they will use Google again in the future. An unresponsive site does not equate to the best user experience. The same applies if the application is poorly designed, boring to look at, or a pain to use.

increase traffic

So what are some ways to increase traffic to your website? A few easy fixes are:

Image Compression

By simply compressing your images, you can reduce your website’s loading time. WordPress has a plugin that allows you to do this easily. Using these can help shrink your website’s image file sizes immediately, leading to a drastic reduction in how long it takes to load your pages. To increase traffic for your site, will depend heavily on how fast your website loads. Nobody likes going to a website that takes forever to load.

increase traffic by compressing your images on your website- money talks marketing,

Delete all unnecessary plugins

It’s a good idea to delete plugins that you aren’t using as soon as possible if you have a large number of them installed. There’s no way to harm your users’ experience while doing this. You can immediately improve your site’s speed and increase traffic to your site more quickly then if you left those plugins installed.

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Improve Your Logo

You should take steps to create a logo that is striking and visible. Visitor loyalty can be increased by building a strong brand and by communicating what your company stands for. Logos combine words and images to tell a story about your business and to represent your vision in a way people can understand. Your brand identity revolves around the image people see (what they will see). Brand loyalty is fostered by a memorable logo, which distinguishes you from your competitors. This will also help to increase traffic to your website.

create a better logo for your website

Link Internally

Google indexes your content more efficiently when you include internal links. Every website needs internal links to build the architecture and to spread link juice. Within a domain, these links are defined as links that point to other pages within the same domain from one page of the domain. Moreover, they encourage people to continue reading your website more and to move between pages – a factor that is vital for the success of your SEO efforts, and to increase traffic to your site.

link internally so that your are able to rank better on google

Guide The User Through Your Site

Website user on-boarding should be ideally like telling a story, by introducing a user, explaining the problem, and solving it. Creators often make the mistake of just loading their sites with content with no visual cues indicating what to look at. Make sure your visitors take the next action you want them to. By considering the purpose of the website and what users expect from it, you will help visitors understand what you are trying to accomplish. This will ultimately help increase traffic to your website.

guide your user through your website

And that’s the goal isn’t it?

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