SEO-friendly steps to take to create killer content


SEO-friendly blog posts require two very important steps in order to rank well on Google and to continue to rank in SERP’s and Bing. In order to increase traffic to your site, first identify the right keywords to use. A hugely successful article can be constructed around those keywords. The quality of the article also plays a role in the SEO, and whether it’s considered SEO-friendly, which many people don’t realize.

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You can get a good idea of your site’s topic from the keyword density and other clues that Google uses. When determining whether your article should remain at the top of the SERPs, it will consider factors like the bounce rate of viewers. Setting your content up to be SEO-friendly is more important than what most people realize. This is why a lot of sites often fall out of public view.

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What are your methods for handling this?

Identify the keyword first. Finding high volume search terms is not difficult using various tools. The key is to choose the ones that are right for your business. In other words:

  • Identifying those with high search volume
  • Find methods that match your INTENT – meaning that you provide answers to the user’s questions
  • Locating ones you are familiar with, can write about well, and that you are already familiar with
  • Which ones will remain in demand and may even grow in value
  • Choosing those that won’t have too many competitors to compete with

Choosing keywords properly is not just about selecting terms that have high search volumes.

You will not be able to write something original about the most popular keywords while still answering the question if you choose the most popular keywords. Structuring your content to be SEO-friendly is key to ranking through the search engines.

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Thousands of articles propose ways to earn money online, gain abs, and seduce women.

In other words…

You should pick a smaller niche.

The advantage of this is that you can rank for whatever it is you are choosing to focus on, as you establish yourself. You can also convey to your audience something new and interesting that they will appreciate, rather then the same thing they see day in and day out.

SEO-friendly quality.

Finding ways to “fit” a keyword into what you want to write is one of the worst pieces of advice you hear.

Therefore, pick a keyword that fits your topic. Narrow your focus. Rather than appealing to a broad audience on a surface level, focus on making a deep and narrow impact.

Trust me. You’ll thank us later.

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